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Monday, May 29, 2006

Weekend at Ile de France

Last Saturday I spent a day with Bruno and Monika at Fontenay-aux-Roses. They were really nice to let me stay for lunch, tea and dinner. I tried some fromage, camembert, blue cheese, and some other I dunno what cheese.

We even went to the movies together (a French movie, mind you). I could guess the story roughly, however did not really understood what was said, neither did Bruno nor Monika. :P Guess it was not so French after all. Apparently they had lots of colloquial French among the Jewish population, which was not fully understandable not even by a native French.

Both of them then showed me around the city and Parque de Sceaux on bicycle. YES! Bicycle again....that funny little apparatus on 2 wheels that I still can't operate properly. We went uphill, downhill, tight stretches, across parks and so on....we cycled probably about 2-3km (it could have been less, but it just felt really faaaaaaaaar). I am quite determined to learn to ride a bicycle properly now. It's just so embarassing that the kids could ride better than me....*sigh*

Hmm...let's see....where can I start....ah yes, in Chambéry, where there's less traffic. And whaddya know...that's not going to happen, not in 2 months time! I can always practice mentally now of course. Perhaps tonight with Mr. Sandman ;)

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