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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Things to buy in London

London is such an expensive place to go shopping. Nevertheless, I have 2 very important things on my shopping list:

1. A Lousy T-Shirt: Sam gave me 5 quid to get a "My friend went to London and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" t-shirt for myself because she didn't manage to get enough souvenirs for everyone during her last vacation. Since London was part of my trip, she gave mine away and told me to get one myself.

2. Giant Lollipop: A souvenir for Hazel. She's into collecting huge lollipops, what else can be better for a gift than a one with a Big Red Bus on it?

OK, those weren't really to tough to get....with help from Mark and Yoong Kit, of course. So my shopping mission was accomplished quite easily. What I did not manage to fulfil during my trip in London was to meet up with Tinisha, Keith & Andrew. Que lastima! I only managed to catch up with Paul on my last day, which was really great. Together with Mark, we walked around Portobello and Hyde Park. Had several photos taken with my camera phone! ;)

To the photo album!

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