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Sunday, June 29, 2008

13 years

That is how long I've graduated from secondary school. Gosh, it does seem sooo long ago!

SMK St. Mary staged a second musical after moving in to their new premise in Taman Intan Baiduri 10 years ago. This time they chose to do Phantom of the Opera. The main lady had a great voice, costumes were extravagant, overall it was good but there are a lot room for improvements. It does remind me a lot of the musical Annie Get Your Gun, staged in 1995, where I was a part of the stage hands and prop master. Those good ol' days!

Now that the school in a location so foreign to me, going back there felt so distant, and yet at the same time, there is this warm fuzzy feeling deep inside that tells me it is still the same old school. I took a glance at some of the yearbooks (way past my graduation years) displayed near the reception desk and I saw familiar faces; my Maths teacher, Pn. Charngeet, my Biology teacher, Mrs. Ng, my Chemistry teacher, Mrs. Liew and my English teacher, Ms. Wong. They are still around! Excitedly I pointed them to my husband, who was obviously less enthusiastic about it.

As I walked towards the school hall, I saw her, and she looked back at me with a smile. "I recognize that face!", Mrs. Ng said to me. "But I'm sorry I cannot remember your name", she added apologetically. I told her my name and that I was in the same batch as Elizabeth Lek - I was sure that she won't forget the top student's name, and I was right ;). She was equally excited to see me, and took down my contact details before showing me to the seats.

During the intermission I filled up the guest book for ex-St. Marians, and there I met Pn. Charngeet! Really, these teachers were just as I remembered them .... such a good thing that they don't age as much as I do... LOL! She too recognized me, and got my name half correct :) I tried to take a photo with her, but the cam failed on me and she had to rush away :( .... lucky for me I managed to at least take down her contact info.

Well, they are planning on the school's centennial event in 2012. I'm definitely looking forward to it!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wuuuaahhhhhhh..... :D

A wonderful 1h 15mins dance performance by Iberica de Danza!

The cast of Iberica de Danza who performed at KLPAC

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Spent 3hrs + at KLPAC today with a bunch of Spanish dance enthusiasts. We started with a group of about 30, but as the workshop progressed, little by little started to quit. It was a little tough for those who have virtually no background in spanish dance at all. It was very difficult for me too, but I stayed put....after all, we were there to have fun!

The workshop was organized by the Spanish Embassy and conducted by Iberica de Danza to promote Spanish culture in Malaysia. Yesterday they had the beginner's workshop, but the timing clashed with my arrival from Brisbane so I couldn't make it. I was hesitant to attend today's advance workshop but I'm glad I went ahead with it! :D

We started with a warm up, brazos (arm movements), pies/zapatos (tapping action with the feet), castanets, and then to Sevillanas!!!!! It brought back so many good memories from Spain. We did the primera copla, which I did quite alright, I think. And for the segunda and tercera I just screwed up.... ha ha ha. We didn't have time to do the fourth one, but it was fine. Don't think I'd be able to remember all of them anyways.

The last half an hour we were introduced to a Galician dance, a fun folkloric dance from the northern-west part of Spain. It looked easy yet so tough! I guess its best to leave it to the experts to do it :D They will be performing tomorrow and on Tuesday....and I got free tix to watch them... Hoooraayyyyyy!!! Hopefully I'll get to see them in the backstage too :)

Photo 1 - From L to R: Olivia, Joyce, Raquel Ruiz (Iberica de Danza), Me
Photo 2 - From L to R: Me and Manuel Segovia (Iberica de Danza)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hot, hot, HOTTT!!

After spending a week in the Land Down Under with a temperature between 14-25 deg C most of the time, the weather back home really didn't make me feel welcomed :( The moment I stepped into the house it felt like I was walking into a giant oven. Why am I complaining? I've never been quite a fan of cold weather anyway.... *sigh*

The past week has been a great bonding time with my sisters, Yi San, Yin San and Sean San. They took really good care of me during my stay and made sure that my welfare (especially my stomach, he he he) is well taken care of. Not to mention that they never failed to remind me to spend more money (ehem...with instructions from my darling hubby). My used-to-be-little sisters are all grown up now.... *sniff* *sniff*

Thanks sis!!!! Also to Wei Yong and Joseph for being my part time chauffeur. Big huggies to all of you :) See you all soon back here in Malaysia!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Time to go home

Decided to give myself a weigh too after packing my luggage and confirmed that everything is within 20kg. Guess what? I put on 2kg! Where on earth did that 2kg come from???

Hurricane's Grill website
Max Brenner's website

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Guiri @ Brisbane

After 2 days filled with supertiring rocks* in the rough sea and walks and climbs in Sydney, my sisters finally left me alone (they had to work). Today SS is going drop me off at a shopping mall then come home to do her revision. I only have 5 hrs anyway, since they close sharp at 5pm. Will have plenty of time to update my blog tonight.

*rocks as in a verb to shake or disturb violently and not a noun, a stone of any size.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Madness at Petrol Kiosks

This evening's announcement had everyone flocked to the petrol stations causing massive traffic jam at every corner in town.

Starting from 5 June 2008, the price of petrol is increased to RM2.70 from RM1.92.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Bling bling at SAL

Last Friday the school hall was all bling and colourful for the annual SAL International Day. For the past week, everyone was busy with either preparing the costumes, the deco or rehearsals for the day. And I thought it would be a nice idea for teachers to have their very own t-shirts to wear on that day too. So I took home the silk screen which we used for the children's Alphabet-T and embellished the front with the initials of the teachers using crystal rhinestones. It was time consuming, and I took approx. 30-35 mins to silk-screen each T but the result was satisfying.

Lyne on the other hand spent like what...5 or 6 hours? just to construct the word "SAL runway" on the wall with 1 cent coins. The rest of the teachers, Pei Ting, Mie Mie and Eileen were marvellous with the children's costumes. The rabbit's masks and fairies wings were just like those in a fairy tale. Overall the show went quite smoothly, with a few minor hiccups here and there and a few stunned children (who did so well during rehearsals but were just overwhelmed by the crowd). We had also a wide spread of international cuisine, all contributed by the parents. Just to name a few, we had Kalam Polo (Iran), Croque Monsieur (France), Pavalova (NZ) and of course my favourite Nasi Lemak and Roti Jala (Malaysia).

This coming week will be our last week for Term 2! Am really looking forward to spend my holidays in Brisbane with all my sisters! :D