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Sunday, October 30, 2005

World of Feng Shui

Of all things from Malaysia, I encountered WOFS in Madrid. Hehe.... couldn't help myself, so I took a picture of it :) Somehow I really doubt if Lillian Too have chosen the right fengshui location for the shop, the area seems really quiet :P But of course, I was there during the afternoon, when most of the people are having their siesta...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My Taste of Madrid

Finally arrived Madrid on Sunday evening. It´s a relieve that my good friend Sarah decided to come down to Sevilla to help me move to Madrid. I still remember when I packed my stuff in Malaysia, my mom warned me that I won´t have enough space in my luggage if I brought such a small one with me. I didn´t listen. And in Sevilla I had to buy another luggage in order to fit all my stuff; books as well as food (and not to mention my shopping stuff of course). My stuff probably weigh about 70kg or more.....gotta crack my head to find a way to ship them back to Malaysia first.

My first day to school did not go too well, coz I was late for half an hour! Was used to being in a small city for the past 18 wks, that I underestimated the time required to get to the school by Metro (it´s not a valid excuse of course). Plusss.... (this one betul betul memalukan) I got on the wrong side of the train, and did not realise it until after 3 stops! That wasted another 15 minutes of my time...*sigh* Guess switching from an afternoon class in Sevilla to a morning one in Madrid is really tough. Was practically sleepwalking to the Metro station :P

Another not too happy incident was that my camera got stolen while I was in the Metro 2 days back. I was so depressed!!! I had quite a number of photos which I have not downloaded the week before :( All the while I had been very very very very careful with my stuff, and just that split second that I forgot my camera was on the outer pocket, there it goes! I did realise that my somebody was trying something, so I was paying a lot of attention to my waist pouch. Unfortunately I had forgotten to put my camera back into my inner pocket, and while I board the busy metro, somebody took advantage of that. Anyway, bought myself another camera. Not as good as the one I had before, but it´s better than nothing. Cost of cameras here are very expensive, so I bought myself just a basic one to take photos (no quiero viajar sin camara!). Will be taking a trip to Aranjuez, Toledo and Segovia this weekend and next Tuesday (it´s a public holiday!)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Honesty is the Best Policy???

Was walking along the shopping streets in Sevilla, and come across these beggars. They immediately caught my attention. They have signs that says "For Beer, For Wine, For Whisky, For Hangover". And what d'ya know, they have a website too.... I was contemplating if I should give them money or not (at least for their creativity) but finally I decided not to. But anyone who is interested to see their website, could go to You could even donate money to them if you want to!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Lluvia del Otoño

After a long and dry season, with daily articles in the papers on ways to conserve water, and long talks about the critical level of the water reserve of Sevilla; it finally rained on Sunday morning. Not just a 30 second drizzle, but hours and hours of rain. It is forecasted to rain up to Wednesday, but then again, it's just a forecast, can't remember the last time a weather forecast has been accurate :P

I finally get to use my raincoat and umbrella this morning! Good thing I brought it with me :) Didn't expect to get to use it so soon jeans and shoes are all wet but most importantly, my darling laptop stays dry...hee..Since yesterday, everyone walking on the street would have an umbrella with them in case it rained. It's cute to see the adults with big umbrellas, and the little kiddies with the mini ones.