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Monday, July 21, 2008

One Happy Aunty

I've always underestimated the power of a teacher. I never understood why some parents always think we are a know-it-all, always seeking for advice on how to discipline their child at home.

Today one of the parents sent an email to thank the teachers. In her email she said that her daughter is now snacking on baby carrots because Aunty Shirl said that carrots are good for eyes. She had previously tried to encourage her daughter to eat more veggies but had little success. I read the email in disbelief. I've only mentioned it probably once during the class this morning, and that little phrase left an imprint on her memory. She added that her daughter also tries to remember to cover her mouth whenever she sneezes and says please to her requests - all thanks to the aunties who constantly remind her to do these.

Nothing's more rewarding and satisfying than to get emails like this. Just the little things that make your day :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

You are not beautiful!

Just early this morning Isabella's mom told me , "Isabella thinks that you are beautiful" and I felt really flattered by that comment. After all, children only tell the truth right? ;)

And the very same afternoon, Nika (who doesn't speak much English) walked up to me and said quite loudly, "Aunty Shirl, you are not beautiful!" I was completely taken aback, speaking of frankness! I asked her why, not without a pouting lip, of course. She replied, " this one" and gestured that I remove the piece of hairband from my hair. Aaaah... I see, she didn't like my hair being tied up. I quickly removed the hairband. She smiled and walked back to her lunch place contented :)

Children... ;)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I finished 2 books today!

I have this habit of reading several books at any one time; leaving one in every corner, e.g. my bedside table, car, toilet, etc. And today I completed 2*; the one in the car and the one next to my bed.

Apart from having the convenience of not carrying the same book everywhere I go, I keep my feet firm in reality and not get my grey matter all confused with a world of fantasy. Yes, I have on many occasions mixed up reality with fantasy. I'm not sure if this happens to those who read a lot too. Once I told it to Moo moo and he simply hushed it as nonsense. He said that the fun of reading a book is actually to get yourself immersed in the world that the author has created. Well, thanks but no thanks, I'm already dreamy enough even without living in an imaginary world.

Tomorrow I start on two new books... he he he :D

*Why I Hate Flying by Henry Mintzberg (got it for 80% off from Popular Bookstore sales) and Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen (also a bargain from Popular Bookstore sales)

Saturday, July 05, 2008