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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Present Exchange at SAL

Thanks to all the teachers for your pressies!

Mie: a cross-stitch napkin with my initial!
Lyne: a yummy fruit cake with lotsa walnuts...mmm ...mmm....
Sandra: a cute little mini xmas wreath ;)
Jenny: a montage of my photos with SJ, little princess of Joy!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Chef ST

I cooked up a feast for 15 today! A small Christmas get together with close friends and a majority have voted for a tapas rather steamboat. And so I made some tortilla española (wished I had some jamon to go with it), albondigas, mini pizzas, and even sushi!!!'s really embarassing... the final result was acceptable but there have been a lot of rejects during the preparation process. Of course, those rejects cannot be presented to the guests, and where did they go? No, not in the dustbin... never waste food! They all went into either my stomach or TW's... he he he... now I see why some chef tend to look a little round :P.

Just a fraction of what I prepared for this small feast

Thanks to all who came and cleaned the plates for me. No leftovers! Hooray! It's possible that I didn't have enough food or they are just being courteous. Either way I am happy that there are no wastage........ except for that extra jug of Sangria in the fridge. I made 2 but only one was cleared. Most have opted for non-alcoholic beverages. Now... how on earth is the 2 of us going to gulp down the balance? :S

And oh, my cookies!!! I finally found people who knows how to appreciate my soft cookies! Muahahaha...

Next year we will have more houses to use as a gathering place now that most of us are married! :D Anyway, TW did ask if I would cook up another meal like this again.... and I replied..."Why not? Just not so soon, need time to recover!!!" Hehehe...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Is My Daemon a Match?

Cookies & Christmas Tree

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way......

I am SOOOOOOOO in the mood for Christmas... ha ha ha... TW thought it would be nice to brighten up the house a little with a Christmas tree, and so we went shopping for one :D Both of us was equally eager to put those decorations on the tree ... but I know we won't be so enthusiastic when it comes to putting it away later! Anyway it was deeply satisfying to see the end result :)

Ain't it beauuuuuuutiful?

Of course I can't miss out baking, can I? SS and I tried to be patissière and attempted to bake some cookies that taste better than Famous Amos. Frankly it didn't taste too bad at all.... with every bite one could taste lots of chocolate chips and nuts. There was one teenie weenie bit of problem though. I must have accidentally used a brownie or a soft cookie recipe... ha ha ha... Other than that it was perfect :D

Better than Famous Amos Double Choc Cookie...erm, I mean brownie

And it's so much fun making little presents for the upcoming gift exchange! Just can't wait!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Promod is in town!

My favourite store Promod is finally here in Malaysia! Hooraaayyy!!!!!!

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Spidey, Mr. Incredible and me!

It's the last day of school and we partied all morning with fairies, superheroes, princesses and pixies! Parents can be really really creative when it comes to dressing up their children ;)

We also did face painting .... and of course the artist was yours truly...ME! These children can be very demanding on what they want painted on their face and hands. Some even wanted me to draw on their leg...GOSH! I did spiders, rainbows (those are the easy ones), Superman, princesses, cars, the list goes on. Good thing they are not fussy, and as long as whatever you draw looks like what they want approximately, they are happy :D

The school will be closed for 4 weeks - teachers go 'Hooray!' and the parents' nightmare begins ... LOL!