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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Journey Continues...

Just arrived Eindhoven train station few hours ago with Irene and Hans waiting to pick me up. They are really nice to let me stay with them, and boy did Irene feed me well tonight. We are also gonna have a nice home cooked Spanish dinner on Wed night! Ever since I left Malaysia, I haven't had a proper and decent home cooked meal, just lots of tapas and restaurant food. Hmm...not to mention the bed's really nice and soft too...without a doubt, I'm gonna have sweet dreams tonight :D

Started on my Europe tour on the 26th April with Sevilla (and a day of transit through London). The Feria de Abril was humongous, with lots of casetas (tents), beautiful women dressed in trajes de Sevillana, and lots of dancing going on. Didn't really take that much of photos as I had originally planned, as I was being teased by Antonio for taking too much guiri photos.

*Yyawnnnn* ....looks like my appointment with the Sandman can't wait anymore. Just a quick one before I blog off - of my travel route in Europe:

Sevilla - Eindhoven - Berlin - London - Perugia - Zürich - FRANCE (Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Chambéry)

Will try to upload pics as soon as I can ....ZZZzzzZZzzzzZ

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Anonymous said...

Hey, C'est moi, Gan. ça va? C'est bon, ton voyage? Hahaha... Mantenant, je choisi l'ecole pour étudier français et je pense je choisirai Chambéry ou Anncey. Dis moi si Chambéry est bon. D'accord.
Bonne journee et bon voyage!