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Friday, June 29, 2007

Poor Thumbkin, Poor Pinky

Both my li'l pinky and my thumbkin hurt :( Just started my first piano lesson today. Mom thought it would be easy for me since I could type so well....NOT!!! My first song to practice with was just a tinnie winnie part of Ode to Joy and I am already getting will my fingers be able to last another 9 lessons?? :P

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Darling!

Today we celebrated TW's birthday at Secret Recipe. We didn't want to get a whole cake (nobody's gonna finish it later), so we got him a set of Kid's burger instead (it came in 4 li'l burgers, just nice for the candles). Just a simple one to mark his 31st birthday! Sorry I had to advertise your age here Uncle Wong! tee heee heee.... :P

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Just as I thought I'll have more time to spare now that my German course have ended, mom signed both of us up for piano lessons :O She saw the ad in the paper several days back about Piano for Adults course, and knew that I would definitely be interested (I wonder... whatever gave her that idea? :P ). So there we were yesterday at the centre for a free demo, and we thought it was a good idea to try it out. As a matter of fact, why not?? I can't play any musical instrument yet, en plus, I can't sit still neither, and eventually will find something else to fill up my time, so might as well. My first lesson starts this Thursday.

TW was very excited when he heard about it. I asked him why. Almost wanted to give him a smack on the head when he told me, "You are one step closer to being more feminine... he he he..." :O

Monday, June 25, 2007

Je Veux Maman!!!

Today I finally get to put my French knowledge to use.... though in a really funny way I would say. Two Canadian brothers, of age 4 and 6, joined us this morning, not understanding a single word of English except for 'Thank you'. Both spoke only French. The last time we had Chiara, an Italian girl who was in the same situation, and everyday she just cried asking for her mummy. That time I wished that I spoke Italian. And now, I get my chance with the 2 boys.

The elder one was in Lyne's class, doing quite well, though a little shy. As for the younger one, he was initially fine, and tried to follow whatever he could during class and music time. But as the rest of the children got noisier, he started to get a little uncomfortable then broke into tears. The whole morning I tried to stay close to him whenever not occupied by another child, and accompanied him during lunch time. He didn't want to eat at first, but after a little coaxing, he went for second helping! It was certainly a relieve that he was very cooperative and understood that his mummy would come later to pick him up, though he was still sobbing from time to time. Then Jenny let him speak to his mother on the phone and that soothed him a little. I guess at the age of 4, children can already understand and can accept explanation from adults.

Despite all that, both agreed to come back again tomorrow! They negotiated with their mother: one said that he'll stay for one hour, while the other said two. Guess what the mummy said? "That makes 3 hours then!" ;)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Auf Wiedersehen!

Today is my last German class at Goethe-Institut. This Thursday is the A1 Zertifikat Prüfung (Exam), but I have decided to give it a miss. I know I could have easily passed, but I didn't think it was necessary to get a certificate at this level.

We have done enough mock tests in class and I am well aware of my own level. At this present moment, I have quite a good collection of different language certificates. But I have come to realise that having these certificates or diplomas does not proof what I can still do 6 months down the road if I don't continue using it. It's just another nice-to-have item. Even Jobstreet limits the number of languages that you can put in your resume to 5 ONLY :P So German, being my weakest language now will not even be included.

Anyway, my best wishes to all my classmates that will be taking the exam. Good Luck and see you all this Sunday for the party at Andrew's!!!

In Random Order: Rizal, Min Yow, Darren, Wayn Sern, Andrew, Auli, Chin Gian, Jason, Me, Kok Hoong (hidden), Arnida, Emir, Baljit, Frau Lee, Sheila, Lee Wen

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I have a new TOY!

Went to Low Yatt Plaza today with TW to get some computer stuff. Then I got myself a new pen tablet, something I've been wanting for years! I still haven't figure out what I am going to do with it next, but this is what I did just moments ago :D

Friday, June 08, 2007

Tourist Guide - Part 2

A sequel to Tourist Guide "Celup".

Aleix [pronounced as Ah-lesh], Tinisha's friend from Barcelona, was here in Malaysia on a business trip. The company was based in Pasir Gudang (PG) so he spent most of his time in Johor during his 2 weeks stay. Last Saturday he managed to squeeze in an extremely brief stay in KL. This is where I come in useful; in support of the Visit Malaysia Year 2007. This time I even had a chauffeur, my beloved TW....thanks Dear! :D

He stayed at Crown Princess in Jln Ampang, having reserved it just one day before at a good price. Funny thing is that the website stated that it is a 4-star hotel, but when he arrived, the plaque mentioned that it was 5-star rated. Long story kept short, if it had been a 5-star, it was definitely overrated.

His first stop was the KL tower, then we had a quick drive to Dataran Merdeka to see the Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad. Coincidentally that morning was the celebration of the Agung's birthday, so there was a big backdrop for us to take some photos :) From there we took a turn to Chinatown, and it was a little drizzly. Before we even completed walking the whole stretch of Jalan Petaling, it started to we took shelter in at Kwong Woh Tong (chinese herbal tea kiosk). There, I introduced him to Guilinggao (chinese herbal jelly) which is detoxing and cooling for the body, good for the skin, and for constipation too! Anyway I am not a fan, so he had to finish the whole bowl all by himself :P

In the rain we walked to Central Market, and spent some time doing ONLY window shopping there until Aleix spotted a very nice Batik shirt. He was at first reluctant to buy anything at all, but I guess it's difficult to resist...he he he... While waiting for the rain to stop, we had some White coffee at Oldtown coffeehouse. To him it was just good cafe con leche. :P We sent him back to hotel after that to refresh himself, while we went back to get a change too.

At night we took him for a dinner at Farmland Steamboat for a try of the Steamboat porridge He had already tried all the saucy and spicy Malay and Indian food while he was in PG, so I thought it would be a good idea to let him try something new. After that we went to Tasik Titiwangsa to see Eye on Malaysia.

Aleix with his new Batik shirt :D

It was way past 11:30pm, so the wheel was supposedly closed to public, but they decided to take in one last call before they close for the day. Off we went into the capsule, only to be awfully disappointed at what we can see from inside. It was PATHETIC!!! All we could manage was just a miserable outline of the capsule next to us because the windows and glasses were so misty. I felt really cheated paying RM15 each just to sit in there and feeling all miserable. Seriously we were really tempted to press that RED emergency button just to get out!

Bored to the MAX!

As soon as we got to the ground, I highlighted to the staff about the problem but they just shrugged it off. Malaysia BOLEH lah... Anyway, we went Salsa dancing and forgot all about it (at least momentarily for me)

Next morning it was seafood noodle for breakfast at Jalan Segambut before we went to KLCC for a walk in the park and more shopping :P Then we sent him to Puduraya to catch his bus back to Johor.

Hope you enjoyed yourself Aleix and perhaps the next time you are here, Tinisha can join us too. Besos!