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Friday, February 29, 2008

Arte Flamenco

Had my first flamenco class today with Joyce from Arte Flamenco Malaysia. Finally got the chance to use those shoes I bought almost 2 yrs ago! I know its a little absurd buying something that I don't need at that time, but I know I'll definitely find a use for it :D Also my flamenco skirt... muahahaha...

This preparatorio class is relatively small at the moment, with only 4 students including myself. Overall I enjoyed the session a lot, as it brought back a lot of good memories from Spain. Let's see how long I can last in this class :P

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Japan Trip Album ready!

For those who are waiting to see photos of our recent Hokkaido trip, I have uploaded some 200 photos to my Shutterfly account. Stories to follow later! ;)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Smelly Surprise

Finally got home last night from our 7D trip to Hokkaido completely drained..... and what did we find? The electricity switch had tripped (probably due to thunder and lightning) and an unbearable stench coming from the kitchen.

Of course, the FRIDGE!!! I had frozen fish, prawns, sausages, ice cream and i-can't-remember-what-else in the freezer! Fearing the worst I opened the freezer door and the stink practically knocked me off. And then the sight of fruit flies (or whatever they call it) lingering inside the fridge too....UUrrghhh...

And so, instead of a good night's rest.... I spent the night cleaning the fridge; had to throw away every single item in the freezer, and whatever that is not spoilt from the fridge below. What I couldn't get rid until now is the smell. Trying out some remedy that I found online .... baking soda, newspaper, charcoal.... whatever I could find. Gonna leave them in there for a day or two to see if it works.

Will put some updates from my Hokkaido trip later.... btw, it was awesome!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Thank you!

Just thought that these people deserve credits for doing a great job at my brother's recent wedding ceremony and dinner reception:

Greg's Video (official videographer/photographer) for the event)
Pixies Makeup & Hairstyling (official make up artist for the sisters :D)
Posh Wedding (official pre-wedding photographer)

Holiday holiday holiday!!!

I'm back!!! School has reopened for more than a month already, and bro's wedding (which was very very happening) is also over, I am back to my normal humdrum life.......... NOT!!! Chinese New Year is coming and I have already replaced that Christmas tree with some nice red-dyed pussy willows. And then we are off to Hokkaido in less than 4 days!!! Hoorraaaayyyy!!!

ONE thing which I am overly excited about though.... this year we have to give out angpows! :(

Signing off.... have to get my bags packed :D