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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Magpies & Sorrows

One For Sorrow,
Two For Joy,
Three for a Girl and
Four for a boy,
Five for Silver,
Six for Gold,
Seven is a secret never to be told,
Eight's a wish and
Nine's a kiss,
Ten is a bird that you must not miss.

The next magpie I see alone on the parks of London will be a dead bird. I am not being cruel, or anything of that sort, its just that I hadn't been really that lucky every time I see a single magpie. Mark says that I can't accummulate all the magpies I see in a day, it doesn't count. They are the only ones we could blame for walking in circles in Hampstead Heath. Everytime we see a magpie, we head for the wrong direction (and always uphill too). Hmm....come to think of it, maybe it's not the magpies' faults. It could be just Mark who thinks I could lose the extra pounds by walking uphill more....hmmm.....*deep pondering* Of course, it was also my idea to walk. I get so used to going round in cars that I am just getting fat and lazy. Anyway, I'd rather walk in the nice parks than get stuck in the stuffy tube stations. And oh did we get a good view of London on foot!

Talking about 'EXITS' in my previous post, I was nicely ushered out of the theatre in central London and shown the 'EXIT' sign just 2 minutes after the show began. Nope, I didn't do anything annoying or created a havoc in the theatre, in fact, the whole audience was requested to evacuate the theatre due to some security alert. No tengo ni puta idea de que pasó. Probably somebody has left an unattended baggage somewhere, and they had to check it to make sure it was not a BOMB or something. Everyone was allowed into the theatre again after 10 minutes. What an experience! Mark said it was the first time this happened to him, so it MUST be my fault.....hehe....didn't realise I had such impact???

Mark has been really nice and generous with me, knowing that I have been deprived of Chinese food for very long time, he had nasi goreng prepared for me on my arrival. And the very next evening, he cooked fried cod fish with chinese wine and ginger sauce. Am certainly a happy baby horse. :D

Ah, something I should not forget - though not something that would be approved by my grandmother...I went visiting cemeteries on the very first day of my arrival :D I even took a picture with Karl Marx!

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