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Monday, February 27, 2006

Quiet days...

Both my beloved chatterbox sisters are back in Brisbane to continue their 3rd year studies. *sigh* Such a big difference it made to our house. For the past 3 months, the house was filled with laughters and lots of noise (imagine, at any one time, we would have at least 10 people in the house.....neeehh...their boy boys as well leh...).

Now, apart from my normal routine of daily french classes and yoga sessions, I am left alone with my youngest sister, Sean San, since my brother is working (and I am not...:D) and my mom sometimes join in the fun. I don't think it'll be too long before I turn a little cuckoo. She has the habit of talking to her soft toys...and making them talk as well. Poh Lah (a polar bear), Wee Wee (a red fat devil), Ah Taz (a tazmanian devil), and Bulldog (not a real dog). She even made me talk to them too! Poh Lah always insists to have air conditioning in the room, or he would sweat, and Ah Taz is always blocking the way (he's gigantic). GGGgggrrrrrrrrr..

But anyway, she is the CHOSEN ONE....which means that she will be away for National Service in the mid of March :( And she has given me the responsibility to take care of them, and make sure they'd still smell the same when she's back. It's gonna be such ghostly silence in the house in March. It's probably wise to start building a good relationship with Poh Lah and the rest now...wouldn't want them to report of abuse to my sister later... :P

Thursday, February 23, 2006


I can't believe it, I have actually passed my DELE Intermedio exam!!! No puedo creerlo! After countless of sleepless nights, the DELE results were finally released about 1am here in Malaysia. I was hopping around like a happy bunny (ok...a crazy one too) and screaming "I have passed!!! I have passed!!!!!!". My neighbours probably did not find it very amusing :P My brother and sisters were happy for me as well, and threatened that I now owe them a meal ..... yeahh... sure...Mamak stall lor! ;) Well, the hopping kinda worsened my insomnia, I was too happy to sleep last night, and couldn't concentrate on my revision although I had my French test today.....bummer :P

Anyway, I am very glad to know that a few others who sent out emails almost immediately (they must have been just as excited too!) upon seeing the results, have PASSED too!!! ¡Felicitaciones! *hop* *hop* *hop* ¡Espero que los otros hayan aprobado tambiĆ©n!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It's a TORTURE!!!

The day finally comes, and frankly, I've been mugging that Cervantes site since a month ago. But on the 19th, with a glint of hope that the results would be released just a teenie weenie bit earlier, I checked the site again and again every hour or so, until it was the 20th, Europe time! B.b.b..b..b.bbut not even a sign of my results! *sob* *sob* This morning I checked again, and they have changed the release date to 22nd!! How long further are they gonna torture meeeee??? Arrgggghhh...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy St. Valentine's Day

This year we all decided that we are not going to spend a ridiculous amount of money on unnecessary Valentine's set dinners, and swarm into restaurants like the other love bugs. No red roses, no candlelight dinner. Instead, we decided that we'll sing our hearts out together at the Karaoke after a hearty Thai dinner!'s so convenient to have at the vicinity of your home :D Amazingly, we were not the ONLY ones who thought of this idea.....the place was crowded till 1am! These people no need to work wan ar??

Saturday, February 04, 2006

My mom, the in-house VET

Just witnessed something revolting this morning.... one of my dogs, Bernard, is infested with maggots. We tried to get the vet to come and see him before it gets worse, but the vet won't be available until the evening. Why can't we bring Bernard to the vet instead? Well, you see, Bernard weighs almost 200 pounds, and to get him into the car is hell of a task.

Mom decided to spray the wound with the maggot spray, and the maggot start to squirm out one by one...Eeyyyeeewwww....the problem is Bernard just wouldn't stay still although we have tied him, and those maggots start falling all over the place. :P Yuckie yucks!!!! Mom then washed the wound, and used a forcep to try and dig more of those maggots out..... uuurrgggh... I lost my appetite for breakfast. After almost an hour's ordeal, the wound's clean. We called the vet again, and he told us to go over to the clinic collect some antibiotics.

Mom just coolly went off to take a shower, and when she came out, said, "Jom, let's go makan breakfast". That's my MOM!!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sawadee kha

We had marvelous time in Bangkok and Pattaya this CNY. This very last minute plan of free and easy tour really brought us lots of unforgettable experiences.

Firstly, we arrived Bangkok only to find out that Air Asia did not send (or maybe misplaced it somewhere) my mom's luggage. My mom got really upset (all her new clothes were inside), as none of the staff was able to locate the bag. Dad tried to pacify mom by offering to buy new ones after we check into the hotel. We were definitely more excited than my what happen always, teng jie yao fan :D. While my mom tried to buy the essentials, we went on a shopping spree (we live just above a shopping complex, how convenient). Anyway, it was more like a LINGERIE shopping spree....they are soooo cheap here (just 1/3 of the price in Malaysia). Plus, possibly because of different sizings in Thailand, we all gained one cup size! :D

We got no news of my mom's luggage until the next day, and they had it sent over to the hotel (without any compensation at all...*sigh*). Anyway, we didn't actually get it until the evening as we spent our day at Pattaya, parasailing, banana boating, jet skiing and a little was rather cloudy, so I didn't get the tan I wanted :( just a teenie weenie bit browner...

On one of the shopping days, we got so carried away we almost missed the last MRT and Skytrain (BTS). All 11 of us ran from one connecting station to the other, almost running out of breath. And at the final boarding station, we arrived just before the gate closes, but ran too fast that we were blindly ushered by the guards straight to the exit gate instead of the boarding platform...yikes! Thank goodness we realised it on time, and ran back into the station....bought our tickets, just on time to go on the last train at sharp 12 midnight. *phew*

Food wise, everything is yummy......especially my favourite young mangos dipped in sugar and chilli with fish sauce!!!! Just talking about it makes me drool :P~ And then the McD Samurai Pork Burger, bird's nest, tom yum koong, and grilled seafood on the Coral Island beach. Then there is this signboard of a restaurant that caught my really curious the type of food they serve ;)

All good stuff have to come to an end....we shopped till the very last minute and rushed to the airport just on time to board the plane...not even a minute left for lunch :P At least I managed to tah pao some mango and the dip back home....heeee... :D

Here comes the rest of the photos!