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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Migration of Photo Album

FYI, I am in the process of migrating my photos in my Yahoo! album to Shutterfly. Please update your bookmarks if any. New link is And oh, it is password protected now. Please e-mail me first to get access. :)

**Albums moved to (Update: 16 May 2008)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Living in Fear

This morning at 6am, mom woke me up with 2 bad news. Chester, our little Pomeranian dog that had been part of our family for almost 10 years now, is dead. And Jiao jiao (JJ), a Bullmastiff (Arthur & Angel's offspring) was dying. Immediately I rushed downstairs to see JJ, only to find him in spasms, and vomiting. It was such a heartbreaking sight. :~( Someone had intentionally fed them with pieces of meat laced with what I suspected to be rat poison.

Pieces of meat laced with poison

The vet was already on the way, and adviced us to force saltwater into JJ's mouth to induce vomiting. But it was too late. Chester's body had already hardened, which told us that JJ too has probably been poisoned at least several hours back. No matter what we did, it did not help. His tongue was already black. JJ was a larger dog, so it probably took the poison longer to kill him. But he simply could not wait until the vet arrived.

Just behind our house is a project to develop a highway. Due to this, we get lots of foreign labours straying around this area. Several times we have noticed them walking to the higher ground to survey what's within our compound. Each time we noticed that, we tried looking out of the window to let them know that we are aware of their presence. And each time they quickly hurried away or pretended to do something else. JJ was placed in our backyard as a guard dog, together with Chester. And that was how they became a victim of this cruel act. :(

Mike made a police report and explained our findings to the police;
  1. a ladder that was found on a higher ground not too far from our backdoor (not there before).
  2. meat pieces close to where Chester was found dead (Chester had lost most of its teeth and couldn't really chew, so he was probably poisoned just by licking them)

We also brought this to the attention of the developer so that they could do something about their development site. Currently there is an exposed area in their fencing which could allow anyone to easily crossover from the site to our backyard. A surveillance camera is now inevitable.

As for me, I just can't stop looking out of my window every few minutes just to check if anyone is lingering around unnecessarily. Dad got us another guard dog to mind the backyard but every time he barks I just get so nervous. It's ridiculous. I'm living in fear in my very own home.