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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Parisien Sympa

Who says people in Paris are not friendly if you don't speak French??? Hah! You'd be surprised how friendly they can be.

I arrived on Sunday afternoon by TGV from Zürich, and in less than half an hour, I checked into my room at the Youth Residence for Nurses in Montparnasse. I was quite proud of myself, I thought I managed the French language quite nicely, until of course when I tried to buy a metro ticket later and it felt like the cat's got my tounge :P. I then took off for a stroll, while searching for my school. It's a good thing it had not rained in the afternoon as it was forecasted (but it did rain later though). After a few turns of yuen wong lou, I finally found it. Then I decided it would be nice to take a stroll around Montmartre, while trying to find the previous hostel I was booked in, so that I could make a cancellation and see if I could get back my deposit. While looking a little lost and struggling to find the street the hostel was on, I met this "friendly" Parisien:

Alain: Vous êtes fatiguée? (Are you tired?)
Me: Huh??
Alain: Vous êtes fatiguée? (...then he made some gestures to his face to say that I look tired)
Me: Ohh...non...non..
Alain: Vous parlez français? (Do you speak French?)
Me: Erm....seulement un peu. (Only a little)
Alain: Anglais? (English?)
Me: Yes

It was a relief for me that we continued the conversation in English, and sometimes in French, because I told him I was in Paris to study French. He told me he was an architect, and that he lived near Gare de Lyon, and was on holiday for several days. What a coincidence, he has also been in several parts in SEA, including Malaysia! He helped me find the hostel (I was walking the opposite direction earlier, hence, more yuen wong lou - oh, I am hopeless with maps :P) He did most of the talking, coz I still had my cough, and everytime I attempted to talk, I would also start coughing. After finding the hostel, and settled what I needed to do, he showed me around Montmartre and Sacre Coeur. It was not long before he started an "interesting" conversation.

Alain: You know, it's hard for me in Malaysia
Me: It's too hot for you??
Alain: No, not HOT, but hard.... I look at a pretty lady, and my friend tell me, 'No, no Alain, you cannot do that'. But why? But what is wrong if a I see a girl that I like, we stay together for a night, and then if we like each other, we stay longer, if not, we say bye bye?
Me: ...things are different in Malaysia, I guess
Alain: No, you shouldn't think that way, you are not in Malaysia now!

Then he goes on telling me he is a good cook, but just don't like doing the dishes. And I could help him do the dishes if I think he is a good cook....etc. Less than 10 minutes into the conversation, he is already telling he would like me to stay with him during my 2 weeks stay in Paris (and hopefully more). There was no need for me to waste money staying in a hostel. He would loved to see me every morning when he wakes up. Whooaaaa! Wait a minute... this guy is already asking me to move in with him less than 30 minutes of knowing me? Wah liao.... sorry mister...that's not how things work. I politely told him I already HAVE a boyfriend, but he was quite insistent and said it does not matter because I am not in Malaysia now. Most important thing was that I was happy doing what I want, and it does not matter if I have more than 1 boyfriend. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Anyway, I bid him farewell (in which he asked me several times to reconsider) and finally we went our separate ways. *PHEWWWW!*. After that, I decided it would be wise for me to return to the residence and have some rest before another nice guy ask me if I was tired again.

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