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Sunday, June 18, 2006

World Cup Mania

Sachiko and Liko wanted to go watch the World Cup at the cafe today to support Japan in the match against Croatia. I thought I'd come along and joined them. After our lunch at Flunch, we settled in a small little cafe in town centre. The moment we sat down, there was this viejo verde, seated by the bar, who could not stop staring at us. Every 5-10 minutes, he would turn his head back and look at us. The match was not even interesting enough for him; if he was not staring at us, he would doze off with his head rocking back and forth a little. We didn't pay much attention to him, and left after the game ended.

Sachiko and I decided to stay at home and watched the match between Australia and Brazil, but we ended up watching the match between France and South Korea instead because I got the wrong information about the match time. The match between Australia and Brazil was already over. That shows how much interests I have for football...bleeehhh :P

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Federico said...

Hola guapa!Llevo mucho tiempo sin escribirte,que tal tu vida en Francia?Aqui en Italia es una locura esta World-Cup-Mania,cada vez que juega Italia todos estamos bibiendo cerveza delante de una todos modos espero ver un partido Italia-Australia la semana que viene para llamar Daniel.Espero poder escribirte pronto y enviarte unas fotos,saluda Francia para mi y que te diviertas!!Hasta pronto