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Saturday, June 03, 2006

More Random "Friends"

It's so difficult to walk on the streets alone without attracting unnecessary attention. Since it was my 2nd last day in Paris, and weather was wonderful, I decided to take a walk in Paris, to see the places that I have missed. I went to see St. Sulpice (another tourist attraction because of Da Vinci Code), Jardin du Luxembourg, Jardin de Tuileries, Trocadéro, Porte de Choisy (Chinatown), and Bastille.

While walking across the garden in front of Palais de Chailliot, this guy who was sitting on the grass reading a book waived at me from far. I pretended not to notice him, but as I got closer, he waived again, and gestured for me to walk towards him. I just nodded to say hello, but did not walk to him. Enough of weird men, I thought.

Then, while I stepped out from the Bastille metro station later in the evening, I was greeted by another guy, who was also just promenading on the streets without any objective, like me. He asked if he could join me to just walk, and we chatted a bit along the way (in French, yay!). Later I found out that he was from Congo, his name was Gemma, works in Carrefour, and he has been living in Paris with his family for the past 5 years. Oh well, we ended up chatting in a bar, and yeah, he also called me a bijoux (jewellery). He then showed me a picture of his son, and mentioned that he is divorced, blah blah. He was quite nice I guess, considering that he asked me to contact him if I was in Paris again (I did tell him my boyfriend would come along). He also said that he will come visit me in Toulouse. Tengoklah camne nanti....

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SiROn-WiRoN said...

mais bien sur. Parce que tu es tres tres chaud/belle/ bien. haha.. actuelment, trop belle. haha... just kidding. Et, tu parle un 'malay' tres bien aussi. haha

P.S my french sucks.