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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

J'ai mal à la tête

After approximately 90 hours of french classes, we are due for an exam tomorrow. This time there will be no listening section, like the previous 2 tests (which I got très bien overall...ehem!), instead it would be replaced by an oral test. worst fear. Je toujours ne peux pas parler en français! We did have a practice in class today, I seem to do quite alright though....hopefully I won't have any trouble with it tomorrow :P I can't believe this class is coming to an end soon, and since I won´t be continuing after this, I am gonna miss all my classmates....*sniff* *sniff* Well, Ee May has got some great pictures and even a video taken of all of us. Though group's a little cuckoo, but without them, it would have been such a boring class.... ;) BIG {{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}} to all of you.

Another thing that is giving me a headache is my upcoming Europe trip. Being a little greedy, I tried to squeeze in like 7 or 8 destinations in my Europe tour, including Feria Abril in Sevilla, which I am really looking forward to (chance to practice my español again...and Sevillanas too!). Unfortunately the French embassy would not let me have my visa earlier, so I have to rearrange my French courses a little to make some adjustments and cut my Europe tour short. Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed that all will go smoothly. Mis amigos, ¡os veo pronto!

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