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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Internet is UP again!

After countless days of being "Internet-less", I finally got it up again. Ohmigod, it does feel like eternity. There was a heavy thunderstorm few days back (and hailstorm too!), and almost like striking the lottery, the lightning struck my beloved modem. My brother put a new one up again after 2 if it's not bad enough to without the Internet for 2 days, Streamyx was apparently down too. It was only after another 2 days, that we found that Streamyx had already fixed their problem....yet we are still left without Internet. Which zooms the problem to our own internal connection. After spending several hours of troubleshooting this afternoon, I found the culprit. One of the ports on the router, which connects to the modem, was damaged by the lightning as well. So, my brother brought home a new router today, and voila! We all have Internet again!! Hurraaaayyy!!!

This made me wonder - can't we live without the Internet? I have such a huge dependency on it that I have not really realised how important it is to me. I probably could go without Internet for 2 days MAX. When the modem was down, I did have some intermittent connections with my Bluetooth phone, to make sure all my important emails were received. But it's just too expensive to use a dial up, not to mention slow. My sister was caught in the same dilemma. She was so miserable (almost like a walking zombie) the past few days and was also bugging me day and night to get it fixed. But the good thing is, we finally managed to get her to go to bed earlier....about 11pm, instead of 4am! So, my mom was the ONLY one who was actually glad that the Net was down :P

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