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Monday, March 27, 2006

Stomach Churning Day

Today marks the end of 2006 first batch of Beginners 1-4 French Class at Alliance Française Kuala Lumpur. Except for Jasmin, who was not able to join us for the lunch at the cafe, everyone else was present (15 of us).

After the lunch session at AF, Laure-Anne joined Gan, Chew and myself at the Berjaya Times Square Indoor Theme Park. Nous avon passé un merveilleux moment! Yan Chyi and Yi Jing followed us to the Times Square, but not the theme park. We went on the bumper cars, kiddie train rides, roller coaster 2x, and a few other spin stuff which I can't remember what they were..... only remembered that I regurgitated my lunch after one of the rides (how embarrasing).

After several flips and turns on the DNA mixer, everybody was feeling wobbly on the legs, so we decided to take a break and went to the Arcade. Chew went on the Para para dance machine - Laure-Anne and myself was going like WOW!! We played on several arcade machines before returning to the theme park again.

I was dizzy again after another tower ride, so we stopped for a while and rested in a mini karaoke room. Unfortunately, we have to pay for RM1 for each song, and there was this irritating and deep growling voice that says, "PLEASE ADD MORE CREDIT" everytime we pressed on the keypad. Guess what???? We found that they have ONE French song....erm... what was it again, S'il sufficait d'aimer by Celine Dion? We gave it a try....hee..and Laure-Anne was kinda annoyed that the lyrics were not properly laid out....spelling and grammar mistakes and all....LOL!

We spent like almost 3 hours in the room chatting after that.... TIME FLIES!! We didn't even realise it was already sept heures et demie! We just went on yakking and yakking...! Gan & Chew sent Laure-Anne home and we finally went our separate ways....*sigh* I am so gonna miss all of you.... :~(

Here's the link to the photos taken on our last day, and at the theme park.

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SiROn-WiRoN said...

cher sitheng,

i misss you!!!!!!!!!!! heheh... i really do.. our class is remarkably more quieter without u there.... hehe.. me and shobs call you our mommy still.. dnt worry... you'll always stay in our heart...
Siteng Ma Manque!... C'est dommage... Keep on posting in ur blog k... wanna follow u around the world!!!!!!!!