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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sawadee kha

We had marvelous time in Bangkok and Pattaya this CNY. This very last minute plan of free and easy tour really brought us lots of unforgettable experiences.

Firstly, we arrived Bangkok only to find out that Air Asia did not send (or maybe misplaced it somewhere) my mom's luggage. My mom got really upset (all her new clothes were inside), as none of the staff was able to locate the bag. Dad tried to pacify mom by offering to buy new ones after we check into the hotel. We were definitely more excited than my what happen always, teng jie yao fan :D. While my mom tried to buy the essentials, we went on a shopping spree (we live just above a shopping complex, how convenient). Anyway, it was more like a LINGERIE shopping spree....they are soooo cheap here (just 1/3 of the price in Malaysia). Plus, possibly because of different sizings in Thailand, we all gained one cup size! :D

We got no news of my mom's luggage until the next day, and they had it sent over to the hotel (without any compensation at all...*sigh*). Anyway, we didn't actually get it until the evening as we spent our day at Pattaya, parasailing, banana boating, jet skiing and a little was rather cloudy, so I didn't get the tan I wanted :( just a teenie weenie bit browner...

On one of the shopping days, we got so carried away we almost missed the last MRT and Skytrain (BTS). All 11 of us ran from one connecting station to the other, almost running out of breath. And at the final boarding station, we arrived just before the gate closes, but ran too fast that we were blindly ushered by the guards straight to the exit gate instead of the boarding platform...yikes! Thank goodness we realised it on time, and ran back into the station....bought our tickets, just on time to go on the last train at sharp 12 midnight. *phew*

Food wise, everything is yummy......especially my favourite young mangos dipped in sugar and chilli with fish sauce!!!! Just talking about it makes me drool :P~ And then the McD Samurai Pork Burger, bird's nest, tom yum koong, and grilled seafood on the Coral Island beach. Then there is this signboard of a restaurant that caught my really curious the type of food they serve ;)

All good stuff have to come to an end....we shopped till the very last minute and rushed to the airport just on time to board the plane...not even a minute left for lunch :P At least I managed to tah pao some mango and the dip back home....heeee... :D

Here comes the rest of the photos!

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