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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Tooong... tong tong CHIAAAANGGG!!

I know, I know, I am guilty of procrastination lately. Somebody's really gotta hit me with that Chinese drum thingy. Haven't been replying or writing emails (sorry guys!), have not been cleaning my desk, and have not been updating my dear old blog.

I have so much to blame on, my daily French classes (since 9th Jan '06), last minute Chinese New Year shoppings (maklumlah, CNY is early this year), catching up with old buddies (still a long list unattended to), reading my piling collection of books (my room is almost like a junkyard now), and trying to keep myself in shape so that I could fit into those new clothings I bought for CNY (tortured myself in continuous daily yoga sessions for the past 1 wk....Ouch! arm still aches)

Anyway, am glad to have met up with Tinisha last Sunday. We had a lovely time doing shopping, hadn't we?? *grin* Our nice li'l chat really brought back lots of wonderful memories of Granada, and Spain....wonder what the rest are up to? I guess I'll know if I could just start sending some emails out......will probably get it done before the first day of CNY, which is like.....tomorroww???

Am also doing countdown for the DELE results.......*biting nails*.... expected to be out by end of February. Gosh, wonder what's taking them so long? I will have to start planning on my Europe trip now too I guess, if I want to be in time for Feria Abril! Keeping my finger's crossed my español would not deteriorate with my new knowledge of français. In fact, come to think of it, I have already confused some of the words...oops!

Bonne! Will have to start packing for my vacation to Bangkok this Sunday. Ooooh...Thai massage....*heavenly*

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