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Saturday, February 04, 2006

My mom, the in-house VET

Just witnessed something revolting this morning.... one of my dogs, Bernard, is infested with maggots. We tried to get the vet to come and see him before it gets worse, but the vet won't be available until the evening. Why can't we bring Bernard to the vet instead? Well, you see, Bernard weighs almost 200 pounds, and to get him into the car is hell of a task.

Mom decided to spray the wound with the maggot spray, and the maggot start to squirm out one by one...Eeyyyeeewwww....the problem is Bernard just wouldn't stay still although we have tied him, and those maggots start falling all over the place. :P Yuckie yucks!!!! Mom then washed the wound, and used a forcep to try and dig more of those maggots out..... uuurrgggh... I lost my appetite for breakfast. After almost an hour's ordeal, the wound's clean. We called the vet again, and he told us to go over to the clinic collect some antibiotics.

Mom just coolly went off to take a shower, and when she came out, said, "Jom, let's go makan breakfast". That's my MOM!!!

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