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Thursday, February 23, 2006


I can't believe it, I have actually passed my DELE Intermedio exam!!! No puedo creerlo! After countless of sleepless nights, the DELE results were finally released about 1am here in Malaysia. I was hopping around like a happy bunny (ok...a crazy one too) and screaming "I have passed!!! I have passed!!!!!!". My neighbours probably did not find it very amusing :P My brother and sisters were happy for me as well, and threatened that I now owe them a meal ..... yeahh... sure...Mamak stall lor! ;) Well, the hopping kinda worsened my insomnia, I was too happy to sleep last night, and couldn't concentrate on my revision although I had my French test today.....bummer :P

Anyway, I am very glad to know that a few others who sent out emails almost immediately (they must have been just as excited too!) upon seeing the results, have PASSED too!!! ¡Felicitaciones! *hop* *hop* *hop* ¡Espero que los otros hayan aprobado también!


Ineke said...

Hola Chica!!
Muchas felicidades!
I am so proud of you!!!Well done!! you passed:)
I like your 'website'. It is nice to see you on a photo again:)

Talk to you soon!
Take care



Federico said...

Hola Si Theng!!Y hola Ineke!!
Sobretodo felicitaciones por tu DELE. Que tal tu viaje en Europa? Tienes que visitarme, ya sé que tengo unos dias de vacaciones en Mayo, de todos modos espero poder escribirte de pronto,
mucha suerte para mis amigas Granadinas