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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One Lucky Horsey

I feel very lucky because I am surrounded by so many people that care about me...i.e. my family, my friends :) Of course I didn't realise it ONLY now. But I felt really touched yesterday, when I had a small little accident at work and my elbow was dislocated (am typing now with only one hand on the keyboard, and the other on a sling)

Lyne was with me throughout, keeping me company until the parameds arrived, then followed me to the hospital. She even had to endure a cold butt after sitting on an icepack accidentally; both her hands were occupied to hold my arm up in position that is least painful for me. Also lots of story to keep my mind off the pain. Though I am no believer, she also prayed for me. Thanks, Lyne.

Everyone else were equally concerned too, I wished I could thank all of them here. Aunty Dion helped transfer me to Pantai Cheras Medical Center, to Dr. Ang whom she trusted. At PCMC I was admitted to the ward and sedated to perform a reduction of the elbow. Mom helped me to drive the car home from work. Dad was so worried he questioned Sandra on why my family was not informed immediately. Of course I explained to dad that it was my idea, but he was still upset. :P

My hubby stayed in the hospital with me throughout the night. I actually woke up at 2am in the morning complaining that I was hungry. After feeding me with a chocolate bun, he said I fell asleep almost immediately, just like a baby :P

Looks like I wont be able to drive, at least not for a while. I was discharged this morning but still not alowed to straighten my elbow. Mom wanted to help me shower but I insisted to do it myself. Anyway, later I had to ask for her help again to fasten my bra.... he he he :P

Follow up appointment with the doc is scheduled for next Mon 27th Aug. Hopefully by then he'll allow me to remove the sling!

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