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Monday, October 16, 2006

Miracle Healer

When I first heard about the miracle healer from my dad 2 weeks ago, I was very skeptical. How could a man act like God and heal people from chronic diseases by just cutting them up without using anaesthetic, then performing the operation, and close the cut again without stitches?

My dad became a believer of this healer, who has his "clinic" in Shah Alam, when a wife of his friend was healed of her ankle pains (which required a surgery in a hospital and months to heal). What this doctor did was - he cut open her ankles, fix the problem near the bones (I have no idea what that bone is called), then closed her wound again. He described that the whole process was similar to what you would do when you replace a battery, open the battery cover, replace the battery, then close the cover again. And all this was done in just a matter of MINUTES for both ankles, and she was able to walk after that without further problems nor pains. Not only that, the cost of the operation was only a tinnie winnie fraction of what it would cost her to get it done in the hospital.

This "doctor" was also reportedly able to completely cure various types of cancers, kidney failures, diabetes, problems with nervous systems, etc. Then 2 days ago, I read about this healer in the Star newspaper - Rich and poor 'healed'. His clinic was raided on the 11th Oct, however, the "doctor" was nowhere to be found. Hmm..I don't know, really, I am still skeptical. Although there seems to be lots of testimonials supporting him, I am not convinced until I see it with my own eyes.

The Health Ministry said that they will not condone any unqualified practice of medicine even though they are claims of positive results. But what about the public??? Should they put their trust on this man? Most of them resort to this option only because they fail to get results from qualified doctors, or because they simply cannot afford the costly treatment in hospitals. Some think that they have nothing to lose but a hope of being able to live healthily again. Are the authorities killing hopes when they try to stop unqualified doctors like this? Or would they be encouraging more bogus doctors if they keep quiet about it??

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