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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I arrived Kuala Lumpur International Airport on a Sunday morning. Extremely smooth landing, credits must really be given to the Captain and his co-pilots :D I was all covered from head to toe as it was cold the morning I left, but when I got here, the captain announced that it was 26 deg C, even at 6:30am in the morning.....then it struck me.....I am back home to the warm climate...HOORAAYYY!!! Blue and sunny skies awaiting me!

But I am a little disappointed, as the sky was not as blue as I thought, and I can't even see the sun, thanks to our "neighbour". I normally can see the Petronas Twin Towers all the way from my house, but today I even have problem looking at a building less than 2km away, not to mention the "heavenly" smell. Every year the haze never fails to make the headlines.... *sigh*....It rained quite heavily last night, but even that did not clear the haze :( I remember seeing this hazy look when I was in Chambéry, and I asked Jean-Charles if it was haze too, but he told me that was a sign of good weather in the mountains......what a BIG difference!

Anyway, back to my life in KL, I have no problem at all sleeping at night, in fact, I have no problem sleeping till 1pm too!!! Jet lag didn't really bother me, but except that this time I decided to watch 4 movies on the flight, so I was a little, just a little tired, and so j'ai fait la grasse matinée. Plus, the wi-fi did not work from my room, so I had to work on it all night to get it fixed, and even now, the connection is still intermittent....arrrgghh...ça m'énerve!!!

My language communication skills have somehow deteriorated quite badly. I spoke to the girl next to me and the stewardess in french, although both were Malaysian, I can't speak Malay anymore without asking my sis things like, "how do you say 'type' in Malay??", then realising it was jenis. Even in Cantonese, I am saying everything in the opposite of what I meant to I don't even know if anyone can understand what I blog here, although its mostly in English. This is what my sis describe as jao foh yap moh or possessed by devil. Cham lorrr......apa mau jadi dengan saya???


Anonymous said...

hey sitheng~ it's candy here! remember? Finally you're home.. it's so funny that you forget how to speak malaysian and cantonese.... hahhaa.. keep in touch dear! Tu me manques~ =)

Federico said...

Hola guapa, que tal tu viaje a Malaysia?Espero muy bien,quiero visitar Asia apenas tenga mas dinero..ah,sabes,al final no conocì la camarera del bar en el centro de Perugia,pero allì he encontrado una chica que me encanta.Saluda para mì toda Malaysia,hasta pronto!