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Sunday, August 13, 2006

How I Spent My Sunday Afternoon

Plucking "taugehs". That's what I have been doing this afternoon since it was so rainy and cold that I couldn't leave the house. Seriously, it's a good test of patience :D Of course, that was not the only thing I did. I have been saving some frozen crevettes in the fridge for a day like this. I found this nice recipe of Hokkien Prawn Mee, and decided to give it a try myself. But I didn't manage to get all the ingredients required, so I had to do some substitutes. I practically spent whole afternoon preparing the stock, but it was DEFINITELY worth it! It tasted just like the ones I had in Penang..... MMmmmm.. mmmm.. yummy ;) Care for a bowl, anyone?

*taugeh = beansprouts

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SiROn-WiRoN said...

gosh sitheng it looks sooo delicious.. haha... too bad im allergic to prawns.. hey, im so so so so sorry it took u soo long for a reply from me about the t-shirts.. but by the time we got the t-shirts.. it was soo hard for all of us to meet up... thats why we cudnt get a pic together. im so sorry. hey, have u gotten ur t-shirt? im guessing no? haha.. ok ok wait for gan. hehe. im missing all of the slips rouges like crazy la.. u dnt noe how much u love sumthing until its gone huh.. haihz. take care sitheng.