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Thursday, August 10, 2006

First In First Out

I probably need to attend a course on Fridge Inventory Management. Voilà my problems:
  1. I can't keep track of the expiry dates of the meat and vegetables;
  2. I over-shop. I go to the supermarket with 2 items on my list, and I checkout with 15 items in the trolley;
  3. I thought I have shopped enough for one week, then I realised I need to go to the supermarket again after 2 days because I ran out of milk, eggs, etc. ;
  4. I have limited fridge space, but I keep buying things in bulk because it's cheaper that way. The last time I had to leave some carrots out of the fridge, and they went bad after 2, 3 days.

Anyway, I found a nice little solution for problem no. 2, i.e. if I only need one item from the supermarket, I get somebody else to do it for me....hehe.... hopefully I'd be able to find solutions for the rest of the problems soon. :P

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