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Saturday, November 19, 2005


Wraaaaah...I want to cry liao lar.....just completed all sections of my DELE exam today. Fue fatal!!! I was expecting the listening part to be slightly easier so that it could cover my shortfall for the oral exam. I had so much confidence with my listening skills prior to the exam, but now.... *sob* *sob* It's not that I can't speak the language, but I just can't can't talk in front of somebody who is taking note of my errors all the time. Had BIG time mental block. Had all the ideas to talk before entering the interview room, but once I was inside, *POOF* there goes my ideas! :'(

Anyway, just gotta keep my fingers crossed, and wait for the results 6 weeks down the road. Worst case is I'll have to resit in May 2006 *sigh*. Hope the rest have better luck! ;)

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Chickie Mike said...

hey sis! just got to know that you have a blog here.. haha..anyway.. dun think too much about the exams la.. at least u get to experience some period over at Spain.. :P well. thats an achievement! :) hugs.