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Thursday, November 17, 2005


My last stop in Spain!!! Can't believe that I have only less than 3 weeks here, and I'll be back to Malaysia. Counting down now.....but of course, I have to countdown to my exams first.... (arrgggghh.......I am so nervous when it comes to oral exams :S) I could just babble in Spanish with anyone except the examiner! Gosh, how am I gonna overcome this phobia? My friend Michael told me to treat the examiners as sheeps...he he he...what an advice! Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed now that everything will go well.....*sweat*

After having tried staying with a family in Granada and Madrid, student´s apartment in Sevilla, now I am staying at the school residence. It´s nice to have the residence in the same building as the school, so I don´t have to wake up so early for class, and in between breaks, I could go to my room, get my notebook and get connected :) I don´t have to walk or take the metro or travel back and forth for extra cultural classes in the evening. The ONLY inconvenience here is that I have to share toilets and bathrooms with the rest of the students on the same floor :( and of course, that also means that students coming for classes in the morning will catch me with my bedroom slippers and pajamas while walking to the bathroom :P

Sarah came to visit me last weekened and we visited some places in Barcelona. Had a wonderful time together, and we climbed the towers of La Sagrada Familia, went to Parc Güell, Museo de Picasso, to the seaside, and shopping of course! We also went to the Book Fair and Food Fair! With our entrada, we are allowed to have one degustación each, but the first stall did not take our coupon, so we got to try out another stall for free....yummy! We got to try Txacoli, Sidra, tapas from Pais Vasco, surtido de chachinas from Navarra, Asturia, León and surtido de dulces like Florentina, Sobao pasiego, Tocinillo del cielo (this is really good), Tejas de Tolosa and Tarta de Santiago. Don´t come and ask me what they are now, I really won´t be able to tell :P And we also had some free drinks at a bar where Alessia works, oh I love being a chica! ;)

And now...a link to the photos!

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