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Monday, July 21, 2008

One Happy Aunty

I've always underestimated the power of a teacher. I never understood why some parents always think we are a know-it-all, always seeking for advice on how to discipline their child at home.

Today one of the parents sent an email to thank the teachers. In her email she said that her daughter is now snacking on baby carrots because Aunty Shirl said that carrots are good for eyes. She had previously tried to encourage her daughter to eat more veggies but had little success. I read the email in disbelief. I've only mentioned it probably once during the class this morning, and that little phrase left an imprint on her memory. She added that her daughter also tries to remember to cover her mouth whenever she sneezes and says please to her requests - all thanks to the aunties who constantly remind her to do these.

Nothing's more rewarding and satisfying than to get emails like this. Just the little things that make your day :)

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