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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Symphony to the Ears

We arrived Hanoi last Sunday, to be greeted with an orchestra of honking cars and motorbikes. The sound of honks and beeps are extremely melodious to the ears, and one should not be offended.

As we watched the traffic from the The Legends Beer restaurant right in heart of the town, we were amazed. Cars and motorbikes waltzed across the "dance floor" and effortlessly avoided collisions just like any professional dancers would. Just honk your way, beeeeeeeeeep beep beep, honk honk, HOoooRRRnnnnNNn, tooot tooot tooooot, deee dooo deeeee dooo deee and you'll do just fine.

Traffic lights are nothing more than an ornament on the street and its probably more dangerous if you abide to them. Once I thought it was safe to cross when the lights turn Green for pedestrians, when a motorbike appear out of nowhere and gave a loud honk. Be prepared to cross the roads just based on your instinct :)

More updates later :)


JW & AL said...

aiyo... If I'm there, i really dont know when is the best time to cross the road!
The road looks worse than Chow Kit! :Þ

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