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Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm a 30 yr old trapped in a 50 yr old body

You are only as old as you feel you are.

Says WHO? I feel like I am only 18 and I want to do so many things in the world. But I feel so restricted. I've never been very athletic during school days. In fact that was the very reason I joined the marching team; I can't run, I can't jump, nor can I throw. I don't play racquet games like tennis or badminton because I can't aim. And I dislike sports that involve a lot of people in a team like netball or softball.

I love to sweat out and I realise that I am not restricted to the above just to get a good workout. I love dancing, so I chose to take up dance classes. And yoga classes to stretch all that lazy muscles.

Then what happens? My knees start to creak, I hear snapping or popping sound from my hip joints, my ankles start to act up and recently even the shoulders are being a pest. It wouldn't have bothered me so much if it was just a mere cracking sound, but sometimes it hurts and affects all my activities. And oh...I am now 3cm shorter too. Mum blames it on my late night showers and my fetish for super sour foods. I don't agree since there aren't any scientific proofs to that (though I may be a walking proof myself).

And so I am trying all sorts of supplements (which I hate doing) to see if it helps. Mum always say that I am going to regret it later if I don't take good care of myself now (unfortunately for me it has to be sooner and not later). If it does help, I promise that I'll do some free advertisements here. :D

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