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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunty Sandra

Sandra invited us to a gathering at Delicious restaurant to celebrate her 22nd birthday. Little did I realise that it was not just a small gathering, but was quite a big group with close to 30 people! Sandra had to go round every table to greet all of us, and while waiting to take photo with the birthday gal, we kept ourselves amused with the camera.

Of course Lyne was always hiding away, and then started taking some nice photos with the glasses and coasters, and that got me going too....

Lyne (her hands) modelled for the photos

Anyway, when finally we got to take photos with Sandra, Michelle looked as if she was possessed :P


All in all, we had a good meal, portion was good for the price we have to pay and taste was not bad neither (unfortunately we were so hungry that we licked the plate clean before anyone had a chance to take photos...he he he)

Hope you had a blast, Sandra!

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