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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Reorganization of Photo Albums

Thought that it would be better to categorize the photos in France by city, rather than dumping all of them in one album. So that's what I did this afternoon, a little bit of reorganization.

1. Paris & Versaille
2. Toulouse & Carcassonne
3. Bordeaux
4. La Rochelle

Off I go to Cap Ferret tomorrow (again) with a group of students from AF Bordeaux, and on Saturday, to Paris. I probably won't have the chance to update my blog until I reach Chambéry on the 25th of July (where I will have permanent wi-fi and internet access from the comfort my room, YIPPEEE!!!)

1 comment:

Dita said...

hey girl, juz to know wen will u be in paris? cuz i might be able to drop by n we can see each other. i know u wanna be wit ur sayang hehe. but juz to see each other before u leave. might not haf anymore chance once u left to chambery. donc, dit moi!