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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Indomie for dinner

Just touched down Chambéry a few hours ago..... damn it's HOT! How disappointing, I was hoping that the temperature would be a little lower than the rest of France, considering that Chambéry is surrounded by mountains. Am keeping my fingers crossed it will be better tonight.

I was so busy unpacking that I forgot to do my grocery shopping before the shops closes at 7:30pm. Bummer. Lucky for me, thanks to my darling, I have several packets of Indomie Mi Goreng as my dinner backup :D

Will try to update my blog as soon as I settle down: grocery shopping, laundry, rent a bike, take a pre-entry French test (again...arrggh..!)

1 comment:

Ee May said...

Oooh. Your sayang!??!


How's the place you're at now?

I just joined the Alliance Francaise here in Adelaide. All of my classmates are Old aunties. Ooh lala!

But my teacher is so PRETTY! She's from somewhere near Paris.

The staff here at AF adelaide, upon knowing I was from AF KL, keep saying, " OOoh!!! C'est une grande alliance!!! They even have a restaurant there!??! WITH a FRENCH chef!!"

Haha. Quite funny.

And I bumped into Fariz at Uni today. Hilarious ain't it?

ANyway, have fun!!!!