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Monday, July 10, 2006

Life after World Cup 2006

Bordeaux was not as calm as I thought after France lost in the finals. Well, the town was not too crazy neither, but supporters of Italy were setting off small firecrackers, cheering, and running around with the Italian flag near Place Victoire, where I watched the game. The rest quietly went home did not make too much noise. Stanislas, the only son of the family that I am staying with, who was extremely hyper before the match, was also unusually quiet. So, life goes on, and nobody else mentioned about the match anymore today (except for some talks about Zidane). No grand fireworks, nothing.

Oh well...forget about the WC2006. So what if France didn't win. Everybody talks about Le Tour de La France now!

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Federico said...

Ahora tienes unas fotos desde Italia en tu email-box,aqui tambien se habla un poco de Zidane pero con una pequena sonrisa,lo siento soy muy malo...ahora voy a la ciudad para unos conciertos del festival Jazz,hasta pronto