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Monday, January 02, 2006

Hello 2006...bubbye 2005

Welcome to year 2006! For some, it will be another year to fulfil hopes and make dreams come true, while for some, another year of struggle. However 2005 has been, let's hope that 2006 will be a better year for everyone. :D

As usual, we had the normal fireworks display from the Petronas Twin Towers. Only managed a glimpse from the balcony of my home. Decided to stay in, enjoy Spanish wine, bak guah, and Turkish delights with my family rather than get stucked in the traffic jam. Beautiful shots of the fireworks should be left to profesionals: Glenn and TVSmith both captured great shots of the moment.

Time to start working on my new year resolutions .... 2005 has not been too bad, having travelled to various parts of Spain, learnt Spanish, and made lifelong friends with people all over the world. Hopefully I'd be able to visit some of them with my next trip to Europe some time this year. Ah yes, one other thing too...unfortunately the good food in Spain and being a leong dei goon for so long have somehow unnecesarily installed a spare tire round my belly. Will need to work on that too! :P

May the year 2006 be a good start for many more wonderful things and wishing everyone the best of health :)

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