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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The New Si Lai

Just the other day a friend commented that I was being lazy for not updating my blog for so long. I know I've got no excuses now that my internet is up, but seriously being somebody's wife and a "Queen" of the house is not an easy task.

Imagine cooking, ironing, and cleaning for 2! LOL! Yes, if you haven't already know, I am quite capable of handling all the above mentioned tasks and to be frank I'm not too keen on people messing around with my kitchen! :P Of course the garbage and mopping the floor is not my department *phew*

Then just few days back we got a new member into the family. We named her Pixie :) She's a handful! Seriously I have no idea what breed she is, she was a stray puppy when Joseph found her in the streets along with her brother Brownie and sister Blackie (not very creative with the names, are we?) For the past few days she's been living in our bathroom, as we are yet to give her heartworm prevention. We didn't want to leave her outside the house since this area is infested with fierce mosquitos! Anyway Pepper, a male mini Schnauzer puppy will join us very soon too..... but that will be TW's department. I'm only in charge of taking care of Pixie. That should keep us both very busy *sweat*

Oops, time to iron the clothes! bed time is more like it....*yawn*

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Racheal said...

aha! good.. i c ur blog is being updated dee.. :) tell me about the cleaning and cooking for 2.. it's really a handful.. too bad, the garbage and mopping is also my dept.. looking forward to ur open house..