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Monday, June 25, 2007

Je Veux Maman!!!

Today I finally get to put my French knowledge to use.... though in a really funny way I would say. Two Canadian brothers, of age 4 and 6, joined us this morning, not understanding a single word of English except for 'Thank you'. Both spoke only French. The last time we had Chiara, an Italian girl who was in the same situation, and everyday she just cried asking for her mummy. That time I wished that I spoke Italian. And now, I get my chance with the 2 boys.

The elder one was in Lyne's class, doing quite well, though a little shy. As for the younger one, he was initially fine, and tried to follow whatever he could during class and music time. But as the rest of the children got noisier, he started to get a little uncomfortable then broke into tears. The whole morning I tried to stay close to him whenever not occupied by another child, and accompanied him during lunch time. He didn't want to eat at first, but after a little coaxing, he went for second helping! It was certainly a relieve that he was very cooperative and understood that his mummy would come later to pick him up, though he was still sobbing from time to time. Then Jenny let him speak to his mother on the phone and that soothed him a little. I guess at the age of 4, children can already understand and can accept explanation from adults.

Despite all that, both agreed to come back again tomorrow! They negotiated with their mother: one said that he'll stay for one hour, while the other said two. Guess what the mummy said? "That makes 3 hours then!" ;)

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