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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Auf Wiedersehen!

Today is my last German class at Goethe-Institut. This Thursday is the A1 Zertifikat Prüfung (Exam), but I have decided to give it a miss. I know I could have easily passed, but I didn't think it was necessary to get a certificate at this level.

We have done enough mock tests in class and I am well aware of my own level. At this present moment, I have quite a good collection of different language certificates. But I have come to realise that having these certificates or diplomas does not proof what I can still do 6 months down the road if I don't continue using it. It's just another nice-to-have item. Even Jobstreet limits the number of languages that you can put in your resume to 5 ONLY :P So German, being my weakest language now will not even be included.

Anyway, my best wishes to all my classmates that will be taking the exam. Good Luck and see you all this Sunday for the party at Andrew's!!!

In Random Order: Rizal, Min Yow, Darren, Wayn Sern, Andrew, Auli, Chin Gian, Jason, Me, Kok Hoong (hidden), Arnida, Emir, Baljit, Frau Lee, Sheila, Lee Wen

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Federico said...

Hola querida poliglota!Sabes,quizas que yo vaya a vivir 6 meses en Alemania, para un nuevo trabajo, quizas...claro que ya tienes una doble envitacion para ti y tu novi.Todavia esto nuevo trabajo no es seguro, apenas tenga algo seguro o noticias te escribo para aprender algo de tu nuevo idioma europeo. Hasta pronto