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Friday, December 08, 2006


Yep! It's holiday again for me..... I know I just started this new job not too long ago, but it's school holiday now. The children were relieved from school since end of last week, while the teachers were required to be at school for training, clean up, and a make-over (not the teachers, the school of course!). Finally, it's all DONE (well, almost). Now we all have 2 weeks to rest. Then we'll have to be back just several days before the school starts to get ourselves ready for the noisy but adorable bunch to be back...he he he.

1 comment:

Lai said...

wow... so nice to have a 2-week holiday... =)
even they are noisy.. but i am sure they are lovable huh? haha.. i wish i can be surrounded by crowd of cute kiddies too!