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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Ops Cicak

The Kem Latihan Negara (KLN) allowed some of the chinese participants to be back for the Qing Ming festival from 1st till 3rd of April. My sister of course, can't wait to take advantage of this holiday to return and stock up on food as well as to bring some extra clothing (it is compulsary for them to wear long sleeves with collar shirts when leaving the dorm). Parents were required to fax in a surat permohonan cuti, and personally come pick their kids from the camp.

In this rescue operation, my dad, mom and I drove up to Kuantan for an overnight stay on Friday, then early Saturday morning, after breakfast, we continued our journey to Kem Semarak in Pekan (45 mins drive). When we arrived, Sean San was already all excited waiting for us near the entrance. She was SOOO DARK!!! Not to our surprise of course, the rest of the Chinese participants were also eagerly waiting for their parents to come fetch them. I believe that the boys must have had a stricter Camp Commander, considering that ALL the boys were queued nicely, "At Ease" in front of the administration office, while the girls were just wandering around. All, with their bags ready to go home. As each one exit the admin office with their parents, you would have probably thought they have just collected the jackpot lottery winnings, with a grin wider than a mile.

On the way home, my sister was non-stop jibbering about the "torture" she had to endure, having to wash her own clothes, sleeping w/o AC, having to wake up at 5 am, having to share baths and toilets, having to walk at least 20 minutes from the dorm to the field for drills every day...the list goes on. If you ask me, it's not that bad, I guess she is finding it a li'l tough because she is the youngest in the family and get to be pampered all the time...Hah! :P But then again, she gets to have 6 meals a day! No wonder she hasn't lost any weight...hehehe...well, she is complaining about the variety of food though. From now until the day she return to the camp, I bet she would be stuffing herself with lots of Bak Kut Teh & Wan Tan Mee.....LOL!

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