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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Jump, Fly, Sail away!

Last few days had been super duper fun! Spent 3D/2N at Club Med Cherating with my darling TW, and I tried to fill up the time with lots activities available i.e. ADVENTUROUS: archery, flying trapeze (I did it TWICE :D), bungy bounce (I managed a back flip!!!), sailing (I was in-charge of the jib sail, and TW the main sail); CALMING: yoga (imagine doing it in an open space facing the sea!) It was tough to fit in so many things into such a short period. Check out the photos - there are not many though....was busy having fun ;)

The whole village by the way, was filled with lots of French & Japanese. Though none spoke to me in French, there were French conversations almost everywhere...perfect for my listening practice! Lots of wash-eyes opportunities too of course...kekeke...

Food was good too, with great variety...we stuffed ourselves silly....except that for 2 days TW decided to have a FRUITs ONLY diet for lunch (hehe...after I complained about his spare tire, of course). And me? Diet? What diet?? With so much good food? No way! Once, just like a snake who just swallowed a big cow, I hibernated by the sea side after lunch. Of course it was under a swaying palm tree, with sounds of waves racing to the shore, and rustling leaves, while I listened to soft Latin Guitar Moods music on my Zen Vision:M. Though I managed to doze off, I had my pouch clutched tightly....there are lots of straying monkeys around! And I mean real monkeys! :P

bagai pemangkin alam ceria
penggerak pada yang leka.

kerana bayu melambai gembira
berbisik seolah mempelawa
'Menarilah bersama'.

ombak berkejaran ke pinggir
desiran memecah kesunyian
membawa inspirasi.

Irama gitar
bermainan di latar
bagai hanyut ke alam fantasi
resahku larut.

My attempt on the Flying Trapeze!

G.O.: When I count to 3, let go, and you land on your punggung ok???
Me: Ok!!! (still swinging)
G.O.: 3, 2, 1!
(Instead of landing on my butt as instructed, my feet touched the net first, and I bounced back almost landing flat on my face)
G.O.: Hey, where's your punggung??? Tell me, you're not a Malaysian right?
Me: (LOL) I guess my punggung is on my head! :P

(There goes my chance with the cute Trapeze G.O.!)

*G.O. - Gentil Organisateurs or Congenial Hosts. They are in charge of all the activities at Club Med, making the stay an unforgettable one. The job's really cool. Every working day is almost like a holiday. Oooh I am so jealous!!!

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