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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Lluvia del Otoño

After a long and dry season, with daily articles in the papers on ways to conserve water, and long talks about the critical level of the water reserve of Sevilla; it finally rained on Sunday morning. Not just a 30 second drizzle, but hours and hours of rain. It is forecasted to rain up to Wednesday, but then again, it's just a forecast, can't remember the last time a weather forecast has been accurate :P

I finally get to use my raincoat and umbrella this morning! Good thing I brought it with me :) Didn't expect to get to use it so soon jeans and shoes are all wet but most importantly, my darling laptop stays dry...hee..Since yesterday, everyone walking on the street would have an umbrella with them in case it rained. It's cute to see the adults with big umbrellas, and the little kiddies with the mini ones.

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