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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Already my 14th week here in Spain, but the construction works (obras) that goes around the city never stops (whether in Granada or Sevilla)! At every corner you will find something under construction, or renovation. The amount of ruido (noise) that they make are horrible. Not to mention that some of the obras are situated in the small streets, where only one car could pass, and they would just dump the bricks or sand or cement right in the middle of the road, blocking the traffic. Since the school is situated right in the centre of the city, and unfortunately near the obras *sigh*, from the classroom, one could hear the GGRRRRrRRRGGRRRR ...or HOOOONNNNKKK..... or KerTANG! KerTaNG! going on all morning. Had to move to another classroom today which was smaller, away from the main window facing the street. Much better, but the ruido could still be heard. ¡Que horible!

In summer, it is normal to have lots of obras going on, according to los profesores. The reason being there are less people in the city, all would be at the beach or out of town. But what about poor tourist like me? Quite a number of important historical monuments are closed for restoration or obras of some sort. Some of the shopping streets are also affected because Sevilla is in the process of setting up metro system. *sigh* Not a pretty sight. Wonder if the obra is like a never ending story?

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