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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Book Shopping

Popular is having sales up to 90% at the foyer of Summit shopping complex till 21st March 2010. And guess what, I felt that it was time for me to splurge too..*grin* Somehow I don't feel so guilty this time because for the past 2 months I managed to finish reading if not all, at least 90% of what I spent on last year! Yay and double yay!
22 books for less than RM190.00!

I managed to get at least 5-6 books at 90% discount (which means I paid as low as 59cents per book!), and the rest was between 20%-70% discount. It was definitely a real bargain. And I get to keep myself busy for the rest of 2010...though I can't be sure I'd stop buying if there are new sales coming up! :P

*update 29/03/2010 - thanks to Ellis, I got over to BookXcess last weekend and got myself another 10 books :P And I finished one of them in slightly less than an hour... it was afterall a young adult category book... hehehe...


|e|L|L|i|s| said...

I. am. so. JELES!!!!! :D

JW+AL said...

aiya... I miss it!