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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gifts from Australia

2 of my sis arrived from Brissie yesterday... and look what they brought me!!!

Can you guess what this is?

And this?

and thisss??

and..and..and thisssss???

All those candy making stuff that I have problem sourcing locally!
(food markers, candy colouring, candy melts & lollipop sticks!)



|e|L|L|i|s| said...

wad are those things on the left?! hehe.. dun look edible.. the ones on the right, are coloring i suppose :)

Shirl said...

hehehe... in clockwise order from top left: lollipop sticks, oil based candy colouring to colour my candy melts (aka white chocolate), food markers to draw faces on my cake pops, and candy melts to coat all those lovely lovely cake pops!

you can check out bakerella's cake pop addictive :)