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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Promotion Without Increment

Thanks to baby Lucas, I'm officially promoted to "ku che" or aunty status. A promotion that comes with no increment but a possibility of burning a big hole in my pocket. There are just so many things that I want to buy for him... :P I'll have to be a little bias with my opinion though.... coz he is really really cute!!! Cuter than any other babies I've ever seen... he he he..

Although I'm very happy for my brother, I can't help feeling pressured by both our family members and friends about having one of my own. I personally do not think that this is something to be rushed. When the time comes, it will happen.... until then, I really hope that I can get a peace of mind. Thank you, ありがんとう, 謝謝, Muchas gracias, Nandri, Grazie, Merci, Terima kasih, Danke.


YSL said...

hehehe, gajie, don't feel pressured ler! Take your own sweet time and get a fei fei bak bak dik BAO BAO when you are ready ler! :D Later felt pressure too much, the Bao Bao also not healthy later. hehe. Let Lucas be Dai Lou of ALL at the moment... :D :D :D **I take back my pressure to you to make me to be Ah Yee soon**--->maybe mr goo could help me! ekekek

Sebestian said...

Gajie let me correct u is kumar not ku che akakakakak sooooo by the name is more older la ekekekeke OK MERRRR

Shirl said...

sebastian: jok sei ah... next time no more cake for you!