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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunty Shirl

Children and Aunties at SAL celebrating both Aliya's and my birthday :)

This year is the 2nd year I am celebrating my birthday as a married woman *ehem*, and guess what I got as birthday presents from my beloved hubby and family? Cookbooks and an ice cream maker (this was on my wishlist)! Well, I guess that certifies my status as a "si lai". Just can't wait to try out the ice cream maker!

This would also be the last year that I'd be celebrating my birthday at the school, as I have decided to go back to the family's business and help my parents out instead. I know I am going to miss the children very much. And all the aunties too, of course. It is undeniable that your colleagues are one of the main factors that motivate you at work.

My farmyard family, the dog, the pig and and the cow also did a small celebration for me at home. And guess what, thanks to our dinner at Sambal Sushi, we managed to get some free masks for our mass facial session... LOL! It was sort of combi post-Halloween and pre-birthday celebration. Sorry guys, I've decided to put up this photo anyway. But I'll keep your names anonymous ok? :P

Be very very afraid...

*Sigh* just the kind of crazy things you won't mind doing anymore after the big THREE-O.

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