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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hot, hot, HOTTT!!

After spending a week in the Land Down Under with a temperature between 14-25 deg C most of the time, the weather back home really didn't make me feel welcomed :( The moment I stepped into the house it felt like I was walking into a giant oven. Why am I complaining? I've never been quite a fan of cold weather anyway.... *sigh*

The past week has been a great bonding time with my sisters, Yi San, Yin San and Sean San. They took really good care of me during my stay and made sure that my welfare (especially my stomach, he he he) is well taken care of. Not to mention that they never failed to remind me to spend more money (ehem...with instructions from my darling hubby). My used-to-be-little sisters are all grown up now.... *sniff* *sniff*

Thanks sis!!!! Also to Wei Yong and Joseph for being my part time chauffeur. Big huggies to all of you :) See you all soon back here in Malaysia!

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yisanl said...

Ga jie, we miss you and had so much fun with you in Brisbane too! kekekekekeke.

Looking back the photos taken during last week, so much memories and fun and laughs.... *Sob SOb* really missing the time..... Can't wait till the time back home in Malaysia again!!! :'(